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Jellyfish Earrings


For something truly special and unique, these Jellyfish earrings are the perfect gift. The exceptional clarity and rich color of the rubellite tourmaline shield shapes is an unparalleled find today. These shields sit point side up and are complimented by a base of ruby and sapphire cabochons. "En tremblant" tentacles of 18k rose gold are accented with tiny diamonds and pear-shaped tanzanites drip off like teardrops of water. Set in 18k yellow and rose gold with dual clip and post backing. One-of-a-kind.

Why Is This Unique?

Known as the rainbow stone because it comes in such a staggering variety of colors, the tourmaline has a long history that spans continents and realms – used as a gem for centuries in many a crown jewel.

The ancient Egyptians had a legend about tourmaline gemstones. They believed that these stones got their amazing colors because they broke through a rainbow while pushing their way up through the earth. They used tourmaline for both physical and emotional remedies, firmly believing that tourmaline could heal the nervous system, blood diseases, and lymph glands. Far Eastern medicine used the healing powers of tourmaline to treat all illnesses. Tourmaline is still believed to have healing powers in modern alternative medicine.

At one time in history, pink and red tourmalines were thought to be rubies and green tourmalines were thought to be emeralds, until scientists recognized tourmaline as a distinct mineral species in the 1800s. Deep red and magenta tourmaline gemstones represent a highly desired category known as Rubellite, a name reserved for specimens with especially rich and vibrant color. The purer the red, the more costly the gem. Like emerald, rubellite typically grows with many inclusions and most has visible inclusions. Eye clean stones of excellent color over 15 carats are rare and much sought after.

Fun fact: Tourmaline is also pyroelectric, which means they can generate electrical current, especially when heated or rubbed. One end of the axis is positive and the other is negative letting it attract dust or bits of paper. In the 18th century when the Dutch East India Trading Company brought rubellite from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to Europe, they used this pyroelectric effect to draw out ash from their large Meerschaum smoking pipes.

When I came across this particular pair of perfectly matched rubellites, I was immediately hooked by the unique shield-shaped cut of the stones. And I fell immediately in love with their incredible deep color, utter clarity – not to mention the sheer size of them! After months of trying to design these shield-shaped Rubellites into the perfect art-deco earrings, I finally acknowledged what I had known all along: that they were really meant to be set upside down. And so, I turned them into creatures of the deep.

Jellyfish have always enchanted me with their fluidity, their translucence, their grace and stealth. These gems perfectly embody a jellyfish, with their deep color reminiscent of a certain pinkish variety. The cut of the stone glimmers in one angle of light and subtly winks before disappearing into the next – just like the elusiveness of a jellyfish.

The beautiful Rubellites are highlighted by an underbelly of Ruby and Sapphire cabochons; accompanied by articulated, diamond-studded, rose gold tentacles to tantalize the viewer. Magnificent, almost electric, tanzanite drops sparkle off the legs – like drops of water. As you move, so to do these mesmerizing jellyfish, evoking mysterious splendor.

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