Brushstrokes from the earth’s core set in precious gold.

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noun: ˈka-bə-ˌshän A precious stone of convex form, polished but not faceted.

Stones cut into this smooth dome seem to glow from within enhancing the natural saturation of its unique hue. Or as we like to say, very “juicy!”


I take a lot of time with the hue and tone of my gems, and cabochons really deliver what moves me.


Dumortierite Ring

This rare blue dumortierite quartz cabochon’s natural blue translucent crystals growing into the clear dome is like a civilization from another galaxy. One in a million.

Style was inherent with my grandmother, never an afterthought. She was polished and pulled together whether tethering a sailboat in the ocean or serving up caviar on New Year’s eve. Never leave the house without at least one jewel.



Polished and powerful, it's all about how you carry yourself. The jewels will follow.

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I love to bring a client's loose stones or old jewelry to life by bringing my aesthetic to the table and delivering an entirely new jewel.



Re-imagine your jewels and they’ll become the New Heirlooms.

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