Brushstrokes from the earth’s core set in precious gold.

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noun: ˈka-bə-ˌshän A precious stone of convex form, polished but not faceted.

Stones cut into this smooth dome seem to glow from within enhancing the natural saturation of its unique hue. Or as we like to say, very “juicy!”


I take a lot of time with the hue and tone of my gems, and cabochons really deliver what moves me.


Star Crossed Lovers Bracelet

Exceptional long, golden rutilated quartz with citrine cabochons makes us starry-eyed.

My grandmother was a profound influence on me in every way. She had grace and style on a daily basis, never failing to look put-together whether it was a game of tennis or a black tie party.



Polished and powerful, it's all about how you carry yourself. The jewels will follow.

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I love creating a new jewel from a client's own collection. Designing for their unique personality is a real treat.



Re-imagine your jewels and they’ll become the New Heirlooms.

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