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When a stone comes truly once in a lifetime, it is to be celebrated, elevated and cherished. And so, each masterwork in the Couture Collection takes years to perfect and is impossible to repeat.

Just like you.


Art really influences me. Sweeping landscapes or rich still lifes spark my color senses, but the genre of abstracts and perfectionism push my understanding of space and shapes.


Dumortierite Ring

Stare into the dome of clear quartz and see the city of blue crystals within for your own magical world.

I’m interested in how things work together - elements and angles and how they intersect. Negative space is as powerful as what you fill it with.



Jewels ignite your imagination, inspire contemplation and maybe evoke your inner YinYang.

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My favorite jewels are stunning and complex - not everyone understands those pieces. But those are my favorites precisely because they have a life of their own.



Old heirlooms? Let Daria explore reimagining little worn pieces into daily gems.

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