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One-of-a-kind gems - be they from the earth's core or your heirloom treasures - set in a custom design in collaboration with Daria de Koning.

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From anywhere on the planet, you can step inside the secret world of Daria’s Studio.

The world is your oyster. Even if you aren’t a pearl. Daria’s imagination can set your old jewels free into a world of colorful whimsy or modern chic. It only takes a conversation for a new statement piece to emerge.

Step 1

The Concept

We talk about your vision. We learn what we have to work with. We make some sketches for approval. We talk some more about ideas and dreams and all things that sparkle.

shield shape inspiration

Step 2

The Work

Stones are chosen - whether from your own jewel or from Daria’s search - to best realize the envisioned design. Metals are chosen and perhaps even recycled then coerced into shape, and the piece starts to come to life.

Step 3

The Jewel

An original work emerges from artistry that glows with your unique style and the craftsmanship of a master jeweler. A New Heirloom is now yours. This is the essence of One-of-a-Kind.

en tremblant tentacles

Let's get started

Gather your thoughts, perhaps some inspirational images, and click here to schedule a conversation with Daria herself. Super simple, super personal.