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A Stingless Jellyfish

After months of trying to design these shield-shaped rubellite tourmalines into the “perfect” art-deco earrings, I finally acknowledged what I had known all along: that they were really meant to be set upside down. And so, I turned them into creatures of the deep.
Jellyfish have always enchanted me with their fluidity, their translucence, their grace and stealth. These rubellites perfectly embody a jellyfish, with their deep color reminiscent of a certain pinkish variety. The cut of the stone glimmers in one angle of light and subtly winks before disappearing into the next – just like the elusiveness of a jellyfish.
The beautiful Rubellites are highlighted by an underbelly of Rubby and Sapphire
cabochons; accompanied by articulated, diamond-studded, rose gold tentacles to tantalize the viewer. Magnificent, almost electric, tanzanite drops sparkle off the legs – like drops of water. As you move, so to do these mesmerizing jellyfish, evoking mysterious splendor.