Always Complimentary Shipping

Checking Off Milestones

I don’t know about you, but I never thought I’d get tired of online shopping.  However, after over a year of avoiding the in-person experience, I’ve never been happier to walk through a store. I’ll even go so far to say I looked forward to being less than 6 feet away from strangers!  Enjoying the freedom of gazing, touching, and admiring whatever items catch my eye, no more markers on the floor or lines outside…I missed this!

Often, making a purchase is to celebrate a milestone – sometimes a birthday, a new job, getting past a health challenge or through home schooling…. Or at this point, even just getting out of the house and talking to another human because you haven’t had a conversation face-to-face in so long. With the constant doomsday background chatter, I’ve become endlessly grateful for my good health and have concentrated on what's important to me. I’m looking at the positive and keeping my focus on the beauty in life. I look forward to celebrating the return to human interaction – mask-off and diving headfirst into all the upcoming travel, trunk shows, and, of course, shopping trips!

My new nomos collection stems from this roller-coaster past year. As I outlined in my last blog, nomos, is the ancient Greek term for law and order; a “force” that battled phusis – nature and chaos.  The gods they created and worshiped were there to create order out of chaos.  I feel the timing of this release could not be more perfect as we start to get a grasp on life again and begin to mark our personal milestones once more.

My most recent milestone was hoping on a plane for a family-in-law reunion in Greece. Boy, did it feel great to hug, sit next to and interact with nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles and other relatives (everyone is vaccinated)! Plus, this trip gave me the opportunity to “test drive” some nomos pieces in their historical native habitat. One favorite I put on were the grey/crème earrings drop earrings featuring ivory creek variscite. As you know from reading my other blogs, the stones I choose are ones that mesmerize and inspire me, and in a particular choice for nomos, the striking zigzag cutting through a disc of pure opaque background. 

I love their intriguing color that is not an exact hue – it’s not specifically green or cream or grey, making it super wearable as it mixes with all sorts of outfits. The electrifying “lightning” mark of graphite matrix zooming down the center is a jazzy, dramatic contrast to its smooth, clean design lines and subtle grey moonstone top. A perfect pair of earrings to wear to the next milestone event you’ll celebrate this year. And yes, they’re Daria-tested for comfort and fit!

I’m sure we’re all familiar with retail therapy (I did some in Greece), and the joys of wearing something that expresses who we are and makes us feel good about ourselves is priceless. Treating ourselves is good for our mental health and is more important than ever – whether it is having that slice of cake or finally purchasing that piece of jewelry you’ve been eying. Take a moment to tune into how you’re feeling as you mark your personal milestone, and go BIG on celebrating these big events in life! After all, they’re called milestones for a reason.