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Giving Back And Getting Creative!

This holiday season I was extremely honored to be invited to create a wreath for Children's Action Network's Winter Wonderful event. It is their main fundraiser that asks artists to create wreaths to be auctioned off to benefit foster children. I wanted to create something that the buyer could keep on the wall all year round - not just 30 days. So I created a kaleidoscope.

I have always had an affinity for mechanics and kinetics, color and shape. In my jewelry work, I am able to build small sculpture that uses all of these passions, with a focus on using vibrant gemstones. Occasionally these gemstones chip when being set and while these stones could be re-cut, in their current state they are rendered unusable – valueless. I loved the idea of turning these “worthless” gems into something precious and beautiful again, but by reusing them in their broken condition.

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by kaleidoscopes – an object that encompasses movement and a rainbow of hues within an intimate and constantly changing world. Every time I look through a kaleidoscope (yes, I still have one that sits in on my studio shelf!) it provides me with a simple, unparalleled moment of pure joy and happiness. The idea behind this large-scale sculpture “wreath” is hang it where you can see it daily, and every time you need a bit of happy, just turn on the light and have a look.