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On the Move: San Miguel de Allende

Just recently, I received an invitation to stay at Hacienda Buena Fe in San Miguel de Allende, the marvelous and magical vacation home of Michelle Nussbaumer. Michelle, as you might know, is a talented interior designer who uses color and pattern to create exceptional and sensational rooms. Her home is hidden behind tall walls, like the rest of the city, and once inside, the exceptional gardens open up – connecting a network of rooms and cottages created from multiple existing structures, like a granary and a chapel, that stretch through much of a city block.

To say that Michelle's home and the town of San Miguel is inspirational is an understatement. The town itself is charming and a haven for artists from around the world. Tucked though little doorways in towering walls are fabulous restaurants and small shops selling mexican crafts, artwork, and antiques. It is a vibrant city alive with tourism and locals alike, music through the streets and joy – I saw no less than five weddings over two days, each complete with mariachi bands leading a parade of guests through the streets in celebration. A highlight was experiencing the local craft through Michelle's eyes. I got to meet and see her glass engraver putting her designs onto glassware. And, I took a trip with Michelle to the local lantern maker who creates all sorts of chandeliers from tin and mirror and glass. I only wish I had had more time to explore... which means I'll have to take a return trip in the future!