Daria de Koning

Gemologist, Metalsmith, Jewelry Designer

Daria de Koning is the singular force behind her stylish line of handcrafted fine jewelry. A born and bred New Yorker, Daria is the daughter of an artistic Dutch immigrant and a fifth-generation American mother. A childhood spent traveling in the Netherlands, the center of modern design, but ensconced in a formal American upbringing influenced both her personality and her design sense.

By eleven years of age, Daria already had a burgeoning rock and gem collection, and was making jewelry out of anything she could get her hands on – selling her rudimentary work to friends, passersby, and even a retail store. Formally, Daria trained as an artist and graphic designer at Washington University in St. Louis, meanwhile taking metalsmithing classes on the side. It was Daria’s favorite fine art professor, who after seeing a few of her first jewelry creations, encouraged Daria to focus on jewelry full-time. It was only natural then, that Daria would follow her lifelong passion for rocks and gems and obtain a Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America.

Daria’s career began with creating custom engagement rings, followed by the launch of her line of colorful 18k gold and gemstone jewelry. Inspired by her love of painting and immediately drawn to cabochon-cut stones, Daria felt as though she could mix the colors and create clusters of stones in a way that felt similar to painting. She has an exceptional aptitude for melding colors, plus a unique eye that together makes for captivating jewelry. Combined with the atypical combination of self-taught and studied goldsmith techniques, Daria's work exemplifies the ideal unity between art, nature and adornment. Her distinct heritage inspires a fine jewelry line possessing conceptual conviction and a cultivated elegance, resulting in a collection as precious as it is everyday.